With buses located in every major city Quad City Party Buses is the only way to go.
Covering Quad City ,Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, Galesburg, Rock
Falls, Sterling, Clinton, Le Claire, Dubuque, Iowa  City, Cedar Rapids and all
surrounding areas.
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Rules and Regulations of Quad City Party Buses

I accept full responsibility for any and all thefts and damages that occur during my rental for all members involved
in my event. I agree that if any persons are added during the trip, who are NOT part of the original group i will be
responsible for their actions also, (as long as the seating capacity is not exceeded. NO STANDEES.) I agree to pay
for all services rendered at the time of pick-up, and any additional hours at the trips end. I will extend these rules to
persons of my group or any added persons during the trip.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel 8 days or more in advance your credit card will be charged half the amount
agreed upon per the rental agreement for any original party buses.  You will be charged a non refundable $100.00
deposit on any original party bus rentals regardless of time frames.  You will be charged a 50% non refundable
deposit on any and all wedding transportation rentals regardless of time frames.  If you cancel the week of you will
be charged the entire amount of the rental agreement for any of our vehicles no matter what the occasion.
You must have a signed consent from Quad City Party buses to cancel any event you have agreed to.  Under no
circumstances will a phone call or E-mail constitute as a legitimate cancellation without a hand written signature
from the owners of Quad City Party Buses. You can still call and cancel of course but your card will be charged as
stated above. If for any reason you cancel and Iowa City Party Buses runs your credit card and we find that your
card is fraudulent, $1000.00 will be charged to you along with the cost of the party and all legal fees in a small
claims lawsuit.

Payment shall be paid in full in CASH and CASH only to the driver before the party can begin NO EXCEPTIONS!

Start time of party and end times of party will be enforced NO EXCEPTIONS! If you want to rent the bus longer or
wish to go to a destination out side of the city you were picked up in you will be charged additional fees.

No smoking is aloud on the bus as this is in violation of the law and unsafe.  if any burn holes are found on the bus
responsible card holder will be charged accordingly.

For any such actions such as harassment, fighting, violence, damage to equipment and/or bus, toward Quad City
Party Buses or any other driver, staff, or anyone else in or around Quad City Party Buses bus, the driver reserves
the right to terminate the trip. The client will be responsible to find other transportation and forfeits the full fare as
a result. I
f ANYONE urinates on the bus, Throws up on the bus, at any given time the bus will immediately pull over,
you will be responsible to find alternative transportation and forfeit your complete fare.  If ANYONE breaks the
seating, ruins the stereo equipment, or using the emergency exit doors as a means to get on and off the bus(or if
you open the emergency exit windows or roof hatch) The bus run is automatically terminated immediately as this
is a huge safety violation for our company and for the passengers on board.  You will forfeit your fare and have to
find other transportation if you violate any of these rules.  DO NOT BEAT ON THE CEILING this is very loud and
distracting to the driver, you will get 1 warning if you continue the bus run is over immediately.  If you rip the lights
down plan on walking as well, The bus run will be terminated and you will forfeit the entire fare.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside the bus during the trip or too close to driver.

If a passenger should vomit in or on Quad City Party bus, there will be a minimum charge of $100.00 cash will be
required to pay on the spot or everyone will be required to get off the bus and find other transportation.  Otherwise
the signer of this contract shall be charged $100.00 via credit card.  If for any reason a fight should happen and you
are aloud to stay on the bus your card will automatically be charged $500.00 for fighting.  You will be lucky your not
left on the side of the road.  If you can't act like an adult you will be fined accordingly as stated.

Illegal substances are prohibited! Under 21 consumption of alcohol is prohibited it is also the responsibility of the
persons renting the bus to check I.D. to make sure all persons are of legal drinking age, By providing my digital
signature at the end of this contract I agree to this rule and also admit that I have checked everyone’s I.D.

Quad Ctiy Party Buses is not responsible for injuries or accidents in and around the bus. Alcohol impairs motor
skills, balance, and judgment. Clients are asked to remain seated while bus is in motion. Move about at your own
risk. Please use caution on stairs.

Quad City Party Buses is NOT liable in cases of unexpected breakdowns accidents, severe weather or anything
that may delay a timely arrival or cause a cancellation of the trip. In the event of a cancellation due to mechanical
or "no travel advisory", trip will be rescheduled for another date.  If bus is late do to mechanical issues we will
provide additional time to your trip to make up the difference.  ABSOLUTELY NO DISCOUNT so don't ask!

DEPOSIT is $50.00 this money holds the bus and the date for your party.  This deposit also goes towards the total
cost of your rental.   So if the rental is $550.00.  You are to pay $500.00 cash upon arrival.  All Party bus rentals
outside of Quad City such as Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Clinton, Sterling, Galesburg etc. are subject to a $100.00
deposit which will go towards the total cost as well.  A 50% percent deposit is required on all weddings.

Quad City Party Buses acts very similar to a limo service and generally drivers are tipped 20% gratuity at the end of
the night just as you would tip a limo driver.   If for any reason the bus shows up at your party and you cancel upon
arrival or if you just do not tip the driver at all for his services an additional $100.00 will be charged to your card. No
exceptions  So please tip your driver appropriately and have a great time.

If you do not fill out this contract and only call in to book we reserve the right to not provide your party with a bus.
By typing your name in the adjacent box, you hereby understand and
agree that once you book a bus, you will not receive a refund after
you press 'Submit' due to cancellations, oversights, or
circumstances on your part.  If you cancel 8 days or more in
advance your credit card will be charged for half the amount of the
party bus rental and you will lose your deposit.  If you cancel the
week of your credit card will be charged in full for the booked party
bus run.  This is a legal contract.  All wedding rentals will be
charged 50% for cancellations regardless of time frames
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